Monday, February 28, 2011

I have been commanded to post (or I might be knocked off).

So, I went to the bookstore today.  It feels like I just stepped into and AA meeting. Hi, my name is Tina and I read too many books.

I went to pick up the second volume of the Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan.  I have the first volume and I'm enjoying it.  Don't worry I'll spill later.  They're nice - add them to the to read list.  While I was in there one of the clerks saw I was picking up a book about witches and asked if I'd heard about A Discovery of Witches. Why no.  She called over another lady who started this book Sunday morning and got sucked in.  She spent the better part of the day, 1 pot of coffee, and 4 pots of tea reading and had to put it down because she also hadn't eaten.  That sounds like my kind of book.  It's the first book of a trilogy. Why would I read anything thats just a single volume? Those are so out of style and that is an entirely different post/ pet peeve. 

Of course, I bought that tome and am just waiting to get sucked in.  Probably next week. I'm spending time with Cal and Morgan right now. And I'm enjoying every second of it.


  1. So I clicked on A Discovery of Witches and the first line said "Bodleian Library." Sold. I freaking love that library, and I love books where I've been to the setting!

    The supernatural stuff sounds good too, but I didn't read much since I wanted to start with a clean slate.

  2. if you buy it and it can be loaned on kindle, let me know? :) i'm keeping my eye on that each time i download something new.

    i saw someone on twitter say they successfully borrowed their first kindle book and i thought "what kind of boring crap are you reading?"