Monday, February 28, 2011

Maria, Meet Sookie. Sookie, Maria.

I have to admit that my first venture into the vampire themed books was when Tiff finally got me a copy of Twilight for my birthday, which stayed on my nightstand without being read for about a month and a half (in fairness, I'm still in school so really, it was a blessing I didn't pick up the book during finals - my pending graduation could have been jeopardized). As you can guess, it took me a day to fall in love with Edward and hate Bella. One week and four and a half books later (HAD to read Midnight Sun, only way to feed the addiction), I couldn't imagine a life without Twilight.

So Tiff says, now you MUST read Sookie Stackhouse series, and again, I'm hesitant. What if they're not as good as Twilight?? Well, I'm doing it. Also, I did learn this time and bought all 8 Sookie Stackhouse books for my upcoming spring break trip to Puerto Rico (vs. just buying one book and then being like, need-second-book-now-please).

Any thoughts as I dive into this new series?


  1. I am pretty glad you wrote about hating Bella. Me too. I enjoyed all the Twilight books, but was very irritated by whiny-please-make-me-a-vampire-Bella-Swan.

    Sookie gets herself into some pretty crazy situations (and wears some pretty odd clothes) but she's a much more likable character.

    DIVE IN! And let us know how much you LOVE Sookie Stackhouse.

  2. Dive! Dive! Dive!

    I think I like Sookie just a little bit better than Twilight. Definitely like True Blood much better than the Twilight movies, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish.

    You'll enjoy the craziness that Sookie gets caught up in and laugh very heartily at the matching lipsticks and nail polishes. I also enjoy the addition of super confident & sexy vampires. Sometimes Twilight makes me feel like super sexy is a bad thing but then I go back to Sookie and all is right with the world.

  3. How do I hate Twilight? Let me count the ways. Yes, I know that will get me stoned by everyone else on this blog, so I won't go any further than that. I greatly enjoy the Sookie books, and think you will too. They are definitely more adult than Twilight (and that's a good thing. Trust). I enjoy them more than True Blood the show, except for the visuals of my favorite character.

  4. Thanks ladies! They are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and once I finish midterms this week, I look forward to getting to know Miss Sookie, and getting into more adult plot lines than Twilight. That's a definite plus!

    Christy - I could not agree more! I tell Tiff, Bella set the women's movement back at least 100 years. Quite sad.

  5. Sookie's an independent woman, like Beyonce :)

  6. I enjoyed Twilight- but I looooooooove Sookie. I also detest Bella. Sookie is a very independent, not needy, go-for-it type of gal and I love her.

    Also, try out True Blood. As Tiff explained to me: "Enjoy it as a whole different Sookie universe".

    I won't say any more on this yet- but Eric, OMG, YUMMY!!!! He makes me swoon and blush like a 15 yr old girl with her first crush.