Sunday, October 2, 2011

Little Black Dress

I received Little Black Dress by Susan McBride as an Early Review book from LibraryThing.  It's out now for purchase and I'd give it three stars out of five.

Little Black Dress is a novel about a grown woman waiting for her love life to start, her relationship with her mother, and a mysterious black dress in their past.  Toni Ashton returns to her hometown after her mother suffers a stroke. She leaves behind her long term boyfriend who just popped a questions and her thriving party planning business. While Evie lingers in a coma, Toni attempts to set her mother’s house to right discovering some long hidden family secrets in the process.  

 It’s a great fun read with a little love, a little mysticism, and a little wine. I love how the story is told from both Toni and Evie’s perspectives.  It allows the reader to continually try to puzzle out the story and leave you slightly stunned when you get to the final resolution.  Once the story grabs your heartstrings it is impossible to put down until you finish it.

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