Saturday, October 29, 2011


So what is a book or series that you are most looking forward to reading? It could be something that is coming out soon or something that is just on your "To Read" list.

I'm geeked about Out of Oz by Gregory Maguire. It's the last of the his Wicked Years series. You might know the first book of the series, Wicked. There was a small musical based on it. [There should be a heavy tone of sarcasm to those last two sentences.] I'm so happy to be getting back to Oz even if I have to play nice with Dorothy.

So spill it people - what book can you not wait to read?


  1. i'm pretty excited about Out of Oz as well...but I think I'm mostly looking forward to the Game of Thrones Series. I'm trying to knock out some more items on the "to read" list, because I've heard that once you start the series, you'll be dead to the world until you finish...

  2. This is true.

    I got sucked in, not gonna lie. And I loved every page of it.

  3. I'm gonna pick up Meljean Brook's newest steampunk book, because I really liked her first one.

    But not gonna lie.. I have been totally uninspired by books lately. I've hit a reading slump. The only stuff I have any passing interest in is comics.

  4. I have to second Game of Thrones! I don't usually read hardcore fantasy, but some online friends have me convinced that I should be reading this series. I have some reservations about starting while it's still ongoing. Martin is pretty notorious for long waits between books. I think the last was seven years... :/

  5. I'd still start Song of Ice and Fire. It is an wonderful series. I have another favorite author who has at least a year between books and writies so much the series is usually extended by a book. The big gap give you time to recover for the soul sucking and then maybe even reread the books you have before the latest one comes out - so you get sucked in all over again.

  6. There is the fun of re-reading. I know with Harry Potter, which was the only series I've read while it was ongoing, I would reread all the previous books to prepare for the next. And if you like the series, rereading is a bonus.

    But seven years is a long time. Maybe if I pace myself, read one book a year interspersed between other books. But if I do end up sucked in, I can already see myself reading them all in a month.