Sunday, October 9, 2011

Those Across the River

Another Early Review from LibraryThing.

When a dead relative leaves you property but also leave you a letter demanding you sell said property and never set foot in town, you should listen. When a town runs perfectly good pigs across a local river during the Depression and those animals are never seen again, you should run. Run fast.

Frank Nichols inherits a house in a small sleepy Georgia town.  He’s down on his luck so he takes up residence and begins working on a book about an ancestor who used to own a plantation in the area. That’s when the world starts going wrong.  The locals are suspicious at best. The surrounds woods are deemed unfriendly. The local traditions are odd to say the least. When those traditions are stopped because of economics bad things start to happen.

I really liked Those Across the River.  It’s a great first novel from Christopher Buehlman.  Actually, it is hard to believe it is his first novel.  It really is wonderful.  It seems like the story proceeds as such a leisurely pace but that is deceptive.  The action is really fast paced and at time shocking.  There is no doubt that this book belongs firmly in the horror section. Those Across the River is a book you should read, but not on a dark stormy night.

This one is a four out of five for me.

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  1. ok, I've read this one two and it's definitely a fantastic book. like, I didn't want it to end book. Like, if it were made into a movie, I would go watch it even though I know it wouldn't be as good as the book book.

    Think Eudora Welty or F. Scott Fitzgerald got together with Dean Koontz and wrote a book.

    fabulous. my favorite genre.