Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Loved it! Seriously, I finished this book last week and I'm still thinking about the characters.

The story revolves around Diana, a witch who is trying to live without magic, and her discovery of a bewitched alchemical manuscript.  Something weird, even for a witch, happens when she touches the manuscript.  After she send it back to the stacks all heck breaks loose.  Witches, vampires and daemons start coming out of the woodwork and following Diana trying to get their hands on the manuscript. Oh, and then there is Matthew.  Yeah, still thinking about him.  That is a paltry summary and doesn't even really cover a 1/4 of the book but I can't tell you about it because it gives away way too much.

I love the pace of the book - its variable speed. You're cruising along enjoying the story and bam! hyper speed. Then its slows down and lingers.  I love the way the characters are drawn and evolve.  I love the mystery.  Many curve balls a thrown and every one is fun and takes the story in a different direction. I love the science/ alchemical talk.  It's makes me smile and tickles my brain.  Oh, and the houses! I'd like them all.  Well, at least three of them. Mostly the one that magically expands and contracts to meet the occupants needs and is full of family ghosts.  I was the perfect read for me right now. 

But one thing I hate - it's the first book of a trilogy and I want book 2 now!!!


  1. Tina, I just finished it yesterday - I completely agree with this review! I'm especially still thinking about Matthew. I also really like Diana. I thought that it had some similarities to Twilight, but not in any way I hate, so that was fine.

    I guess I'm also drawn to settings where I've been before - the mentions of Oxford, Bodleian, my favorite pub in London, France - I love it! Looking forward to the surroundings of the next book.

    Sometimes I thought the pacing was a little slow, and she has hobbies I care nothing about - yoga, horse back riding, etc - but ultimately none of that mattered to me. I am dying to read the last two books. Seriously, cliffhanger WTF?

  2. now i want to read it! is it loanable on Kindle?

  3. Of course it's not lendable, because publishers suck.