Friday, March 11, 2011


I finally have a Kindle!!! My sweet husband brought it to my work and surprised me with it today!! Let the books suggestions roll in! I'm a downloading JUNKIE!! C'mon Tiff, Lauren... why didn't you guys tell me I needed this sooner?!?! (I'm SO j/k....hehehe)


  1. Hooray! So happy for you! I have no suggestions yet, since I still haven't started reading everyone else's - I'm going to start on A Discovery of Witches this weekend, though.

  2. YAY! Okay, so first of your kindle and Drew's linked to the same Amazon account? I'm pretty sure if they are you guys can swap books back and forth...

    So, I troll for freebies ALL the time...
    The top 100 sellers (a paid list and a free list) are available and they update every hour. There are typically a lot of classics on it:

    You can also search the top 100 by category:

    When I target a new series, I'll periodically look to see if the first book is available for free since that happens periodically.

    My last tip: I wish I had created folders on my Kindle from the very beginning, so I would recommend doing that.

  3. Lauren- I DL'd A Discovery of Witches last night, it looks great!!

    Tiff- we didn't even think to link them to the same account! But if there's something we want to read on the others Kindle I guess we can swap for a few day =) I did discover the folders and they have been extremely handy in organizing the different series of books (and genres) an I've put on it. Do they update the Top 100 lists weekly or something? That looks like and excellent place to get new ideas!

    If you guys can't tell... I'm in love!!

  4. Yep - the top 100s are updated HOURLY!

  5. i also comb listmania lists for freebies. i usually just start with one and then link through lists that are recommended on the right side of the page.

    a word of caution: be careful because even if it's on a freebies list, some stay on for a bit when they stop being free. just confirm because the one-click buying makes it waaaay too easy to accidentally spend money!