Wednesday, March 2, 2011

House of Night- Marked (update)

So I went ahead and finished Marked while I waited on Shadowfever (which I have now and am oh so excited about!!!) and I am pretty glad I did. It was fun, light hearted, not very deep at all, and a very easy read. I have my suspicions that this may go the way of Harry Potter and get a little more Dark as the series goes on. Plot wise, it reminds me a little of HP. House of Night is a school for young Vamps, Zoey (the main character) is a somewhat misunderstood teen w/a less than satisfactory family life who goes to this school after receiving The Mark with hopes of finding her place in life where she fits in. She develops a close-knit circle of friends that will somewhat make you think of Ron and Hermoine in the fact that they will stick with Zoey through all of the mishaps "no matter what".

I'd suggest this one. I don't see myself having the love affair with this like I do with Harry Potter, but like I said, it's fun.

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