Thursday, March 3, 2011

Southern Witch Series - Would Be Witch

Tina recently heard about a new series, The Southern Witch Series. It sounds a lot like Sookie (The Southern Vampire Series)...pretty girl, small southern town, special powers...

So yeah, I flocked to it.

Finished the first book last night and I liked it. I never like books. I either LOVE books or I HATE them. Frost does a good job of describing her characters. I could see all of them. Relate to them. But the action and setting...not so much detail. There were times where I couldn't even remember if it was night or day in the scene. Some authors update you on details on an annoying level, but I think I would prefer that to a lack of information.

The action scenes were very cut and dry. No drawn out suspense, no amazing details. I never realized how much those suspenseful scenes meant to me and my reading satisfaction. I know sometimes I feel like I want the author to put me out of my misery....but apparently I don't. I want to be held in suspense.

So, I'm kindof in this bad place. I'm connected to the characters and disappointed in the writing. Do I keep reading? Maybe I need a break? I think that if the book was $6, I would already be reading it, because it's a quick read and who cares, right? But it's the most expensive Kindle book I have bought to-date: $11.99! Are you serious? I bought the first 8 Sookie Stackhouse books for Kindle for $24...and I loved them! I can't bring myself to pay the same price for 2 less riveting books. And my library doesn't have them.

I guess I'm on to something else for the time being...but I'll eventually read book 2 and let you know if Frost redeems herself.

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